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  • How it works:
    • Encourage social emotional learning in your classroom?

    • Reduce violence and aggressive interactions between the kids in your care?

    • Help the kids you work with increase their ability to make safe and healthy choices?

    • STAR Kids is offered through MACAA Head Start preschool classes and several child care centers in Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

    • Contact us to request STAR Kids for your classroom or child care center!

    • STAR Kids educators travel to each classroom and teach 15 to 30-minute “Al’s Pals” lessons twice a week throughout the school year.

    • Our Educators use the “Al’s Pals- Kids Making Healthy Choices” curriculum, which is evidence-based and centered around puppets!

    • The STAR Kids Educator leads the lesson while classroom teachers assist. Then, the teacher continues to work with children on the concepts taught throughout the day.

    • Al and his “Pals” engage kids using music, movement, and dramatic play. The activities help kids develop positive social and emotional skills like: using self control, making friends, expressing feelings, accepting differences, and making safe and healthy choices.

    • STAR Kids educators lead the lessons, and support ongoing learning by suggesting follow up activities for teachers to reinforce the key concepts in their classroom each day.

    • These lessons and follow up activities help to create a classroom environment of caring, cooperation, respect and responsibility through building children’s ability to make safe and healthy choices.

    • Teachers report children participating in Al’s Pals are increasing use of positive behaviors like: sharing, helping, and taking turns, this also helps kids to decrease anti-social and aggressive behaviors.

    • Parents receive letters from STAR Kids Educators throughout the year so that they are aware of skills their child is learning. These communications also suggest activities to do at home!

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    Call Shannon Banks, (434) 296-4118, ext. 238