At ReadyKids, we want every kid to be a ReadyKid!
Ready to Learn, Ready for Relationships, and ultimately Ready for Life!

What does it mean to be Learning Ready?

Learning Ready Kids have quality early learning experiences that prepare them for school and life.  Kids that are Learning Ready:

  • Are developmentally ready to enter school
  • Experience quality early care and education
  • Maintain early gains to succeed academically

What does it mean to be Relationship Ready?

Relationship Ready Kids experience positive, nurturing and healthy family relationships.  Kids that are Relationship Ready:

  • Relate well to others and are socially/emotionally healthy
  • Experience positive parent/child/family interactions
  • Are free from abuse and neglect
  • Receive support with family crises and related mental health problems

The need in our community:

  • 23% of kids in Charlottesville live in poverty, and 54% qualify for free/reduced price lunch.
  • 15% percent of city children and 14% of county kids arrive at kindergarten already behind their peers, and evidence shows this gap increases as they grow up. 
  • The local rate  of founded child abuse cases is nearly double the state average.
  • Charlottesville’s rate of children placed in foster care is 5x the state average.
  • Nearly 50% of Charlottesville-area kids live in single-parent homes.