ReadyKids Offices are located at: 1000 East High Street Charlottesville, VA 22902

Contact Us:
Phone: (434) 296-4118
Fax: (434) 295-2638
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30-6:00, Friday 8:30-12:30

ReadyKids Staff Contact Information
Jacki Bryant, Executive Director,
Melissa Cohen, Deputy Director, ext. 234,
Laura Tomaine, Human Resource Administrator, ext. 244,

Allison Henderson, Director of Philanthropy, ext. 235,
Kristin Sancken, Communications Officer, ext. 233,
Thelyssa White, Philanthropy and Community Outreach Specialist, ext. 0,

Bill Barefoot, Director of Finance, ext. 247,
Brianne Anderson, Finance Specialist, ext. 237,

Ashley Branch, Administrative & Program Support Assistant, ext. 200,
Thelyssa White, Administrative Assistant, ext. 0,

Youth Counseling (Teen Counseling & InsideOut)
Shannon Noe, LPC, Youth Counseling Program Manager, ext. 230,
Kathy Giese, Counselor in Residence, ext. 270,
Dee Keller, M.S.Ed., Teen Counselor, ext. 258,
Jordan Leahy, Teen Counselor, ext. 250,
Mira Levine, Trauma Counselor, ext. 277,
Dave Lewis, LCSW, Trauma Counselor, ext. 266,
Emily Loranger, MSW, Trauma Counselor, ext. 259,
Natalie Martin, MSW, Trauma Counselor, ext. 224,
Katie-Anne Padalino, LPC, Senior Trauma Counselor, ext. 260,
Niti Patel, MSW, Trauma Counselor, ext. 272,
Ashley Peters, LCSW, Trauma Counselor, ext. 274,
Ashley Wood, LCSW, Senior Trauma Counselor, ext. 273,

24-Hour Teen Hotline
972-7233 (972-SAFE)

Early Learning Programs (Play Partners & STAR Kids)
Christy Arrington, Early Learning Program Manager, ext. 225,
Jackie Baylink, STAR Kids Educator, ext.
Alison Davison, Play Partners Assistant, ext. 236,
Loretta Willis, STAR Kids Educator, ext. 223,
Nancy Young, STAR Kids Educator, ext. 223,

Child Care Quality (CCQ)
Gail Esterman, CCQ Program Manager, ext. 228,
Kathryn Atkins, Infant-Toddler Specialist,
Jennifer Fry, Child Care Quality Educator, ext. 251,
Stephanie Massie, CCQ Educator, ext. 261,
Suzanne McDonald, Family Child Care Educator, ext. 249,
Jamie Morris, Infant-Toddler Specialist, ext. 256,
Christine Murray, CCQ Educator, ext. 245,

Shannon Banks, ReadySteps Program Manager, ext. 238,
Michelle Burrows, Intern,
Carolina Dunstan, Bilingual ReadySteps Educator, ext. 252,
Jennifer Fenerty, ReadySteps Group Leader, ext. 265,
Karolina Medina, ReadySteps Early Learning Specialist, ext. 257,
Laura (Lo) Somel, Bilingual Family Coordinator, ext. 241,
Margot Pleasants, ReadySteps Educator, ext. 253,

Family Support (Healthy Families & REAL Dads)
Sarah Carter, Family Support Program Manager, ext. 229,
Eddie Harris, REAL Dads Educator, ext. 227,
Shannon Arehart, Family Resource Specialist/Supervisor, ext. 253,
Samira Khairkhawa, Family Support Worker,
Maria Lopez Carbajal, Family Support Worker, ext. 246,
Rebecca Mays, Family Support Worker, ext. 255,
Mayra Cardenas, Family Coordinator, ext. 264,
Chelsea Crowford, Family Support Counselor, ext. 269, 
Sharon Taylor, Family Support Counselor, ext. 232,


Formerly Children, Youth & Family Services (CYFS)