Family Coordination

Family Coordination helps parents support their children's learning and creates a linkage between preschool and home. This is a new program, starting in FY2016. In partnership with the United Way Early Education Task Force, Family Coordination supported 20 preschool-age kids and their families on the wait-list for public preschool that were placed in a private preschool setting. The program also provided a second year of support and programming for the 15 children originally placed in FY16. In FY17, the cost per beneficiary was $225.

Children Served3515
Parents Served3415

Growing Minds

Formerly Child Care Quality, Growing Minds improves the quality of early child-care and preschool settings by offering coaching, training and support to early childhood teachers and directors. Growing Minds continued emphasizing the intensity of services for early childhood teachers and directors in FY17 by steadily increasing coaching capacity, while sustaining training and technical assistance opportunities. In FY17, the cost per beneficiary was $357.47.

Technical Assistance175223240
Children Impacted4,4544,5084,569

Play Partners

Play Partners teaches preschool-age kid literacy skills, active listening and focus through play and storytelling together. In FY17, the cost per beneficiary was $613.76.

Children Served9482110
Providers Served866


ReadySteps encourages parents as a child's first and best teacher through early learning playgroups within their home community. ReadySteps received a multi-year expansion grant in FY17 that allowed the program to expand early learning playgroups to two new neighborhoods, increase the frequency of existing groups, and add formal family coordination. Additionally, the program continued efforts to focus on participant retention and building sustained relationships with families. In FY17, the cost per beneficiary was $846.91.

Children Served150111129
Adults Served1178582
Family Coordination58--


STAR Kids teaches preschool-age kids to develop better self regulation and problem solving abilities to make healthy choices and avoid risky behaviors. In FY2017, the cost per participant was $364.59.

Children Served269271259
Providers Impacted283126

Healthy Families

Healthy Families fosters nurturing family relationships for pregnant moms and safe environments for young children. Health Families received a multi-year state expansion grants in FY17 that grew staff, increased capacity to provide home visits to the growing refugee population in our community and allowed us to dedicate additional hours to mental health counseling for mothers in the program. To meet growing demand, ReadyKids, in partnership with Jefferson Area CHiP, has further expanded mental health counseling services for mothers in FY18. In FY2017, the cost per beneficiary was $1,822.21.

Assessments (mothers)42376
Home Visiting (mothers)523128
Home Visiting (children)875753
Counseling (mothers)23617

Inside Out

Formerly known as VOCA, Inside Out Counseling provides counseling to help kids and families who have experienced trauma begin the healing process. Inside Out received a multi-year state expansion grant in FY17 that allowed the program to hire an additional counselor to serve under-served populations. Despite expansion, the program continues to have a wait-list. To address the wait-list, as well as children traumatized by the August 2017 violence in the community, ReadyKids has secured additional funding to add a new counselor in FY18. In FY17, the cost per beneficiary was $1,254.03.

Counseling (primary victims)223162163
Counseling (guardians)148142148


REAL Dads coaches fathers to have Responsible, Empowered, Available and Loving relationships with their kids. REAL Dads introduced direct contact visits between dads and their kids at Albemarle County Regional Jail. Visits were structured and provided a safe and nurturing environment to build healthy relationships. The visits scored highly on satisfaction surveys and REAL Dads will increase their frequency in FY18. The cost per beneficiary in FY2017 was $1,384.11.

Fathers Served383433
Children Served19
Children Impacted1168277

Teen Counseling Program

The Teen Counseling Program provides individual and family counseling to foster positive, nurturing family relationships and to ensure that teens are safe and healthy. TCP faced staffing challenges in FY17. During the staffing transition, the program had decreased capacity. The TCP Team is stable and staffed for FY18. ReadyKids anticipates an increase in teens and families served. In FY17, the cost per beneficiary was $467.56.

Crisis Hotline (calls)161187160
Counseling (teens & guardians)225261302
TCP Shelter (teens)4918
Direct Outreach271439543